Sunday, 18 April 2010

Felts are everywhere

Last week one of our eagle-eyed contributors spotted not one, but two Felt references in one Thursday copy of The Grauniad.

First, here they were being named checked by Ben Goldwasser as MGMT's alpha (their omega being Deep Freeze Mice). And then, separated by only a few pages, there was Laura Barton reminiscing about swapping tapes of "the Pastels and Felt and Mr Scruff" with one Joe, her "musical partner in crime."

We are left to ask ourselves: are these straws in the wind? Are we on the crest of some sort of Zeitgeist? Should we peg our print run to the Guardian's...?

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

"Moz & Loz"

A little bit of tumbleweed has been blowing through the blog, as we have focussed our energies on finishing the ’zine proper. There has been a fairly steep learning curve, as we have finally come to terms with the fact that ‘editing’ in this case really means publishing – i.e. designing, proofing, transcribing etc… Fortunately we have a London launch date pencilled in for early May (more details soon) and, with that deadline breathing down our neck, have been hell-for-leather towards completion.

Temporarily distracted, we had somehow missed the extraordinary events over at Rui’s Felt Forum page. On 19 March,  one Nigel Silver responded to an old Times article on Felt by Bob Stanley which had been posted the previous week. His post began:

Once again it is demonstrated just how the world is plunged into an delusory abyss by heavily distorted historical manipulations that are generated either for dramatic effect, or even more nefarious reasons.
I do not know if certain details concerning Mr. Deebank are the invention of L. Heyward, or the textual histrionics of B. Stanley. Either way it is a very sorry state of affairs. For those who treasure the truth rather than sensationalism, the following true account is offered…

In the rest of the post, and a dozen or so which have followed since, Mr Silver took up the task of correcting what he sees as the Lawrence-heavy bias to history’s record of Felt. Claiming “a certain amount of limited contact with M.D.,” his posts (apparently short in length due to his limited internet access) are full of extraordinary little details, particularly from the early Water Orton days (“They used to play two electric guitars through a single 5 watt practice amp”).

At this point we would offer no comment, but I would strongly recommend you to stroll over to the Forum to take a look – there have been three new posts today alone…

And more from us on the thing itself very soon.