Thursday, 23 September 2010

Back In Felt

We have recovered, just, from Rocket Cottage's fantastic Lawrence-channelling set at the Betsey Trotwood a few weeks back - belated congratulations to all those who won fantastic radio roadshow goodie bags! Whilst we're at it, we would also take the opportunity to salute Lupe, Raz and everyone who helped making it the fun it was.

Meanwhile, however, the steady trickle of emails requesting a reprint have continued, as have the nice reviews in glossy publications (Q, Mojo, Frieze, Dazed & Confused, etc). Not wishing to seem churlish, we have faced up to our fears of yet another big pile of publications taking up the bicycle space in the hallway: the presses are humming and we expect to have 500 copies of the second (and really final) edition by early October. More news on the exact date as soon as we have it, and we'll put up a thing for pre-orders as soon as it's all confirmed.

Thanks again to everyone who sent us lovely messages over the summer - and we promise, everyone who requested the reprint already is guaranteed a copy.