Sunday, 9 October 2011


Two moderately momentous announcements:

Firstly, this month there is another Felt book being published and it looks very special. It's called FELT / the book and it's a limited edition picture book of the band, from their early days at Cherry Red Records through to their last album on Creation Records, with commentary from Lawrence throughout. Yes, that's right - this one is official! It's published by First Third Books and you can only get hold of it via their website: We would pre-order the hell out of it, if we were you.

The book is designed Paul Kelly and associates, which brings us to the second bit of seasonal business: Paul's film Lawrence of Belgravia, which has been a labour of love to rival the Sistine Chapel ceiling, finally has its premiere at the London Film Festival in a couple of weeks. You may have to beg/borrow/steal to get yourself a ticket - or better yet, why not organise a screening somewhere close to you? The campaign for a general release starts here.