Thursday, 28 October 2010

Slight Return

Johnston & Vock is pleased to announce the arrival of the second and final printing of Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Second Edition!

The second edition of Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango is finally due off the presses on 23 October, according to our very friendly printer.

Because lots of you have already said you want a copy, we've put the Paypal button back up on the site (look to your right) so that people can pre-order this week if they would like to be sure of getting one. Our plan is that, with our mail room hats on, we can get lots of envelopes pre-addressed and then can send out your copies as soon as they fall off the back of the lorry.

We'll keep posting any updates on the delivery schedule in any case!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Just in time

John Mohan (the Servants/Felt/Apple Boutique/John Mohan)
has his solo debut out!
To be precise: it's three home recordings, made between 1986/1987.
This dream 3" cd has just been released on the Edition 59 label. That's the same people who've done Apple Boutique's Love Resistance too.
As their name suggests, there's only 59 copies, so one might hurry. Especially since Goodbye Jane is such an implausible gem.
Well, it all is really. I for one am planning to hammer it repeatedly at the launch of the reprint. For sure!