Friday, 10 December 2010


A few copies left here:

X Marks the Bokship/Donlon Books
Koenig Books
Rough Trade
Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago
South London Gallery



  1. Did anyone else see Lawrence on the One Show last night?
    Amazingly (and that's not too strong a word here), he was on for about 30 seconds talking about "Summer Smash", just superb:)
    It really made my week, and possibly my year to see this, is it possible for anyone to get this on youtube somehow?

  2. Thanks for the tip-off!
    Found it here
    Starts after 14min. Great to see his jacket matching with the colour of the record.

  3. Are there any copies of this remaining? I've tried all the bookstores listed and I can't seem to find it. I'd be willing to pay top dollar for a copy.

  4. Are you in the US?
    Then you should try the Chicago Museum shop.
    We've sent them another six copies a while ago which should be there by now.

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