Monday, 5 March 2012

"I tried to do something unclassifiable"

With Paul Kelly's excellent film about Lawrence currently doing the rounds (if it hasn't made it to a cinema near you, you should ask to speak to the manager), there's also lots of great articles and interviews popping up which we'd like to point you to.

Nicholas Abrahams recently interviewed both Paul and Lawrence for the Quietus, while over on John Robinson's blog he's posted an extended version of the interview he did with Lawrence for Uncut late last year. And in a week or two, the new Mojo should hit the shelves with - we hear - a long feature on Lawrence and Felt...

Amazingly, there also appear to be some copies left of the rather extraordinary Felt book. That will not be the case for much longer, so we can only recommend you purchase a copy for your coffee table before it's too late.

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