Sunday, 18 April 2010

Felts are everywhere

Last week one of our eagle-eyed contributors spotted not one, but two Felt references in one Thursday copy of The Grauniad.

First, here they were being named checked by Ben Goldwasser as MGMT's alpha (their omega being Deep Freeze Mice). And then, separated by only a few pages, there was Laura Barton reminiscing about swapping tapes of "the Pastels and Felt and Mr Scruff" with one Joe, her "musical partner in crime."

We are left to ask ourselves: are these straws in the wind? Are we on the crest of some sort of Zeitgeist? Should we peg our print run to the Guardian's...?


  1. Those gigs MGMT talk about in that article when Dan Treacy of the Television Personalities annoyed the audience in Norwich and Oxford - I was his bassist at those gigs.

  2. What a tangled web! There is one amazing Dan Treacy myth I must ask you about sometime, perhaps at the 'zine launch...

    Christian has been filling me in on Deep Freeze Mice - another shameful blind spot on my part.

  3. When and where is the zine launch? Re Deep Freeze Mice - the singer ran a label called Cordelia Records. He had a label compilation called "Obscure Independent Classics Volume 1" which included a DFM track called "No.9". John Peel played a later version of this retitled "The Disappearance Of The Guard Dog". Later when I co-wrote a fanzine in 88 I received a Cordelia label sampler which included another DFM track called "George Bailey Lassoed A Refrigerator". Only familiar with those tracks - but from that I liked their skewed humour.

  4. Nice to see we're discussing the TVPs / Cordelia here. Dolly Mixture's Fireside Ep is such a favourite. Until recently, it remained available on the Cordelia website. Then someone evil bought off all remainig copies, only to sell them on the internet. A. Jenkins wasn't amused, i have heard.
    Lee, what was the name of the fanzine you were writing for, if i dare ask?

  5. It was called Turtle Breeder - between 1986 and 1988. I reviewed the sampler in one of the later issues. Later on in the nineties I wrote for fanzines Idiot Joy and Ribena Smile - and I was a contributor to the Morning Star for a few years (not a fanzine!)

  6. Thanks for the info, Lee. Having grown "up" in Germany, i missed out on these. Must look them up now.

  7. Not sure it's exactly interesting, but Summer Smash is the disc of the day on the Mojo page.

  8. Well Summer Smash is my all time favourite ever song. The lengths MI5 went to stop it being released are just ridiculous:)
    And a little known fact is that the single was released only in Ireland, where it wasn't withdrawn!

  9. This fanzine looks like a great idea by the way:)
    When is it going to be available? And when and where is the launch party (another superb idea) going to be, that Lawrence will obviously refuse to go to?

  10. Oh and to answer your original questions:-
    No, I doubt it!
    No, unfortunately not!
    What do you think!
    Am really looking forward to reading fanzine and going to launch party though:)