Friday, 7 May 2010

Fanzine launch at The Hangover Lounge, Sunday June 6th!

I know we said May. We may have said May. But we meant June - and this time it's definite.

The launch for Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango will take place on Sunday June 6th from 2pm with our friends at The Hangover Lounge, London's weekly musical hair of the dog held at The Lexington on Pentonville Road. The afternoon will feature writer, record mogul and former Felt bassist Phil King DJing and live tributes from some very special guests to be unveiled shortly. Oh, and it's free entry!

The 'zine will be available for the first time on the day. After that, we will be selling copies through the blog and selected retailers.

More details to follow...


  1. Well thanks very much. I said in an earlier thread I was on my annual holiday at end of May and first week of June. So I am away and can't go. I am Felt's biggest ever fan, so I am very very pissed off. I was really really looking forward to this, I am totally gutted. I believe I'm the only fan to ask for a specific date for this to avoid, and you've ignored it. I was really really looking forward to meeting fellow Felt devottees, thanks very much, for nothing.

  2. What really gets me, is that I'm back 1 day later, am really upset at missing this.

  3. Dear Anonymous,
    Sorry to see you upset.
    This date was set well before you mentioned your holiday. Shame you can't make it, sorry about that.
    It's not exactly easy organizing things with many people involved.
    Nothing is a very little thing to thank for.

  4. I havn't had a proper holiday for 2 years. I've been a huge Felt fan for almost 30 years. So I'm feeling pretty fucked off that this event is happening the day before I get back from holiday, in fact just a few hours. This will be the biggest Felt event for over 20 years, and can't believe I'm going to have to miss it, am totally gutted.

  5. If Phil is reading this - have you invited any other band members? I could try for two of them - one is pretty easy to get hold of but the other will probably be elusive - it's a pretty easy guess who the elusive one will be.....

  6. Hi Lee, I think Phil is spreading the good word - but please do pass it along too....

  7. I can't go now either, you said this would be in May! But at least you all won't have to listen to me boasting about my Felt vinyl collection including my 6 different worldwide LP versions of Poem of the River, I would have bored several people senseless! Never mind....Will still buy the fanzine though...

  8. Wow. That Felt fan needs to chill out.

    I guess that's what the holiday is for. I hope it works, for his sake.