Friday, 21 May 2010

Two flyers to look at

From the collection of Jeff Pitcher


  1. I'm wondering what that second flyer has to do with Felt?
    Having said that, the Superb "Pop Guns" were one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Saw them over a dozen times, and they were great each and every time:)

  2. Hello,
    there's a post explaining this when you scroll down this site.
    Still, i wonder who Ever were. Also, if the show actually happened; there are doubts.

  3. Right OK, respect to Mr King then!
    Although the Pop Guns would have blown them away if the gig did happen LOL:)

  4. Ever were a trio who released one song, the quite briliant Sleepyhead, on a split flexi with The Grooveyard on Hove's Playroom Discs in 1988. A three-track 7", Carousel, was planned but never got beyond the test pressing stage due to Red Rhino's collapse. There were other songs on compilation tapes, but it was such a long time ago...

  5. Ever also had an unreleased 3-track 7" single on Playroom Discs. There were only 3 test pressings as the distribution company, Red Rhino, went into liquidation before full manufacture. They also released Virgin-Ise on a Midnight Music 12" and had a track on a Beechwood compilation entitled 'Forever Changing'.