Thursday, 24 June 2010

Going, going...

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch of the 'zine a couple of weeks ago and to all those who have sent nice messages since - along with enough Felt memories, ephemera etc for a whole other fanzine. And, of course, to everyone who has written about it online too!

We've had an amazing response and we've been posting copies to all four corners of the world, to the extent that I got stomach cramps from licking stamps (yes, I've heard about that Seinfeld episode) and the huge pile that was blocking my hallway is now merely a doorstop.

In fact, we are down to our very last few copies, so we're only selling maximum two per Paypal account now to make sure that everyone who really needs one can still get it.

We are also planning another London event, as a kind of postscript - more soon...


  1. Yes! We don't want you to come over all Susan! (

    And look forward to this post-script announcement. :-)

  2. I'm delighted to read that so many people are interested in getting a copy.
    I knew quite much about Felt & Lawrence but now I know even more, such a great read.

    Thank you.

  3. Lewis Allan Reed28 June 2010 at 00:53

    This book is fascinating and so much yet to be told.

  4. It is a beautiful thing, obviously made with love.

    Thanks for prompt delivery and congratulations to all concerned.

  5. Excellent news, another London event would be great as I missed the last one.
    I'd have thought there would be enough stuff around for another fanzine later in the year. I've got some amazing gig photos that I could offer to go in it!
    And how about doing it in colour this time, you could charge £20 for it, and 500 copies would still sell out sharpish I'd have thought:)

  6. So I checked the website you put up links to. Are you absolutely out?

  7. We are, i'm afraid.
    but try Koenig, they should definitely have some copies left.

  8. Yeah got this a few weeks ago and was originally a bit miffed about the £10 price tag for a fanzine but this feeling was replaced by awe when I received it - well worth every penny - beautiful to look at feel and hold, and great content - well done