Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Having said that, you can still get copies from:
Caramel Distro
Koenig Books
Rough Trade
Donlon Books

Update: nothing left there either.


  1. I just wish I was able to add this to the book.....

    This confirms that the signature of Maurice in the book is genuine - as the one pictured was signed in person

  2. Amazing! Thanks Lee - we sent a copy of the 'zine in what we hope was MD's direction...

  3. BTW - the simple act of clarification that this tkt brings has already led to criticism on Rui's site - apparently withdrawal of the early revelations "has left some of us scarred for life". Seeing as we live in an age where fraudsters are more prevalent than ever I thought it would be positive to confirm all is in order. The writer goes on to say that with the previous withdrawal of the early Felt revelations "some of us are scarred for life". As Julian Cope once said - "This is not a dainty world".

  4. woops - got so wrapped up in all that kerfuffle I repeated myself within the same txt - sorree

  5. Am I the only one that doesn't have a clue what the above posts means???
    What early Felt revelations?

  6. see the 7 April post

  7. OK, I just read 7 April posts. From what I've read, you think Nigel Silver is actually Maurice Deebank. Oh, and you seem to really dislike him from what I just read. I don't see anything postive in those comments at all.

    Anyway, so Nigel posted early Felt revelations on Rui's site which have now been removed, correct?

    Has anyone please copied/saved these posts? As I'd really like to read them!

  8. Now I really am confused!

    I have just been on Rui's site and Nigel's posts are still there, they havn't been withdrawn at all it seems. Although the posts are jumbled up with arguments so it was difficult to follow. Have any of his posts been removed?

  9. Also, Lee, I'm only going on posts you've made here and on Rui's site. But if you have sent rude pm's to Nigel, which has stopped him posting on Rui's site, then I for one am not at all impressed. Suddenly stating now you are being "positive", appears to be disingenuous at the very least.

    Nigel's posts were really interesting, and I am very dissappointed that he is not posting there anymore. Also he said he was not posting there anymore, and he has stuck to his word. You said that you were not going to post there anymore, but have continued to post there. I personally would rather read Nigel's posts than yours.

  10. If you wish to have a go at me your cloak of "Anonymous" cheapens your attack. Also if you can be bothered to read everything that was in those posts you will see that Nigel Silver was on the attack before I had made my first post on the subject and that I was not the only person who he had offended - I was merely the first to hit back. The positive angle of the post was to confirm to the writers of the book that Maurice's signature on their fax was the genuine article - as I said we live in an age where fraudsters are prevalent. The only reason you know which posts are mine and are ready for a slagging off is that I have had the guts to reveal my name on here - the fact that you have not makes your slandering totally irrelevant.

  11. "But if you have sent rude pm's to Nigel, which has stopped him posting on Rui's site, then I for one am not at all impressed". This is implied slander. All the posts I levelled against Nigel Silver are on the web for all to see - no "rude pm's" were sent!

  12. And where did you get this outrageous information that I sent rude pm's to Nigel Silver? This is a slanderous lie! I was not the only person to remonstrate with him on the web - others did too - and this came about because he responded with a knee-jerk reaction to an innocent query for another contributor to Rui's site - which you would know if you took the time out to read all that went on before coming on here and slaging me off. If you have any concrete evidence to show that my rude pm's (which do not exist) were a direct result of Nigel Silver's withdrawal from the site - bring it on! Otherwise a written amendment from yourself on this site will be sufficient.

  13. On second thoughts don't bother. This isn't really worth spending my energy on. It does appear that some of the stuff that Nigel and I exchanged on the web has been removed - probably because things were getting incredibly heated - as they are now. I put that ticket up as a POSITIVE step - the writers of the book were pleased when I informed them at the launch that they had actually heard from the real Maurice and so this was my way of outlining that. Even this step brings out retrograde statements, wrongful accusations and oh so delicate pleas of being "scarred for life" (on the other site). I will still love Felt and always will - but this time I will genuinely quit posting on both sites due to some out there who really need to get a life. Slagging off is made worse when the accusations aren't even true.

  14. OK, I'm just going on what I've read yesterday on Rui's site, and the impression I got!

    Nigel complained about getting rude pm's, and from what I read on Rui's site, you were the main person arguing with him. I guessed that you maybe sent the rude pm's (note I said "if" above). You've said it wasn't you, so it must have been someone else that sent them to him.

    The fact is that Nigel said he would stop posting his very interesting Felt info, and he unfortunately has stuck to his word, whereas you said that you would not post anymore on Rui's site, but have continued to post there! You gave me the impression on Rui's site that it was you vs Nigel, I don't know if you are aware of that?

    That arguing on there was just frustrating, as all I, and I'm sure others, would want to read is more interesting Felt info!

    I hope Nigel realises that many people were really interested in his posts, and I hope he posts more on Rui's site in the future at some point.

  15. I thank you for your amendment and I agree it would have been good to have heard further revelations. The badmouthing started when Nigel reacted far too aggressively to a query from "Robert". Later on he responded in an equally heavy-handed manner to a similarly innocent statement from me - which is when I launched vitriol at him - as did others. Of course the arguing was frustrating - but I felt aggrieved that Nigel was needlessly upsetting people on the site and I exercised the right to defend myself and others. There would be no point in me sending rude pm's to Nigel - as I said it all in public view. I hope he posts again - but I do hope he doesn't round on people who ask him questions about the information that he presents, leaving hot-headed people like me to launch back with a verbal thrashing. Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  16. Lee, I apologise for any inconvenience caused also, I only read that stuff on Rui's site yesterday, and the last thing I want to do is increase the arguments. I don't want you to stop posting as you may have loads of interesting Felt info yourself for all I know.

    I just didn't like reading all the arguing, whoever started it, is all irrelevant really.

    Like I said, I really hope Nigel posts on Rui's site again in the future, as his Felt info was really interesting to read.

    I love Felt and any info about this wonderful band is great to read about. The fanzine is just absolutely superb, really hope there will be another one!

  17. Cheers - OK you've twisted my arm - I'll stay on - note to self - less coffee of a morning.