Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Post Script

We are very proud to announce an evening of Felt/Denim/Go-Kart Mozart related music and merriment next Friday August 6th at the Betsey Trotwood pub in London! It starts at 8pm.
The fabulous Rocket Cottage (two ex-Baxendale/one Alexander's Festival Hall) will be playing. We'd also like to thank their Tim Benton again for this bombastic poster. As you can read, they are going to do a range of bona fide Lawrence smash hits, along with Fabien Polair and some surprise guests (let's see!) plus records spun by Lupe Nunez-Fernandez (Amor de Dias / Pipas) and probably us too. Good luck hast it that the nice Colour Me Pop people have an event upstairs simultaneously, so it's fairly hard to imagine what else in London might compete that evening.

We are very much looking forward to it! Hope you can join us for the festivities.


  1. Excellent, that sounds mental, I'm definitely going to be there:)

    Just one thing though, is it going to be free to get in?

  2. Could have done with more than 5 days notice, wondering how many people are going to know about it, but will try and make it. When will it finish please, and is it free?

  3. Yeah it should free, with the option to donate to the bands, or something like that.

  4. How did it go then?

    Strange poster I thought, they look like a couple of dodgy scousers:)

  5. Also, any chance you could set up a message board on here please?

    Rui's one is just full of pop-ups, gives me virus warnings and so is completely unusable for me!

  6. I'm glad to report that the party was very fantastic. Rocket Cottage overachieved no end. They played a full set! Really hope it wasn't just a one-off. They should get a residency at the Betsey. Lupe played some marvellous tunes. I'm only starting to recover from this evening now.

  7. Rocket Cottage were indeed amazingly good!

    Their PuffDaddy/SummerSmash version was seriously one of the best songs I've ever heard, arguably better than the original, honestly seems impossible I know, but it was LOL:)

    There were loads of people there, please do this again soon!